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Actors Index Bug Hunter

We genuinely appreciate user input and feedback regarding Actors Index’s usability and security. Our design and security teams are constantly seeking to improve our platform and safeguard our operations. If you’ve spotted a glitch or want to suggest an improvement we like, we’ll reward you for it.

Actors Index Bug Hunter

  1. If you’re the first person to report an issue or suggest an improvement we’ll formally recognise your Original Submission, however if we’re already aware of this problem or we’re already developing the feature you suggest we cannot regard this as an Original Submission.
  2. All Original Submissions must be forwarded to Actors Index and only to Actors Index. If you or your team (for joint submissions) disclose your idea or issue online or share it in the public domain we cannot consider it an Original Submission. In serious cases public disclosure or misuse of potential security issues with our site may result in legal action.
  3. Actors Index’s decision on Original Submissions is final and we are not obligated to disclose our reasoning.
  4. Once we have evaluated your Original Submission and let you know our decision, you may discuss it in the public domain, if we decline to use it.

Original Submission response time


we endeavour to acknowledge receipt of your Original Submission within two business days.

Initial Decision

if we believe your Original Submission has merit we aim to make this decision within five business days and inform you by email.

Final Decision

if we decide to use your Original Submission we’ll do our best to let you know within two weeks by email.

When we decide to develop your Original Submission we'll reward you.

Bug Hunter Rules

2.1We require that your Original Submission is made in good faith in accordance with our Privacy Policy and in compliance with other relevant Actors Index policies.

2.2We require you to refrain from attempts to disrupt our platform with DOS/DDOS attacks.

2.3We require you to refrain from attempts to disrupt our platform with DOS/DDOS attacks.

2.4We require you to refrain from employing vulnerability testing tools which generate significantly increased traffic.

2.5We require you to refrain from employing vulnerability testing tools which generate significantly increased traffic.

2.6We require you do not engage in tests or experiments which negatively impact the operation of Actors Index users including social engineering, spamming, phishing, denial of service etc.

2.7We require you verify all submitted reports generated from automated tools.

2.8We require you do not perform brute force testing attempting to calculate Actors Index’s rate limits at particular APIs or items of functionality.

Original Submissions

We invite comments regarding our domain and its functionality, Android and iOS apps and service compatibility in different languages. Areas which we will consider in relation to your Original Submission may include:

3.1Whether Actors Index has control over the software/application issues. Third party controlled or owned software/application may likely be outside our influence.

3.2Spam and rate limiting.

3.3Social engineering attacks.

3.4Social engineering attacks.

3.5Social engineering attacks.

3.6SSL/TLS protocol vulnerabilities.

3.7Text Injection.

3.8DoS (Denial of Service) activity.

3.9Security header omission leading to a potential vulnerability.

3.10Vulnerabilities related to users’ outdated platforms or browsers.

3.11Vulnerabilities which are already known.

3.12Lack of use of best practice features.

3.13Phone or email user enumeration issues.

3.14Promo and coupon code brute force vulnerabilities.

Actors Index Bug Hunter Rewards

All Original Submissions which we use will we rewarded with an Actors Index Bug Hunter Certificate of Appreciation and 5 transferable Actors Index Vouchers of 250 Credits each. With your permission we may also like to feature you in Actors Index News.

We genuinely appreciate helpful comments and submissions. Send us your Bug Hunter Original Submission through our Contact Us page.

Thank you for your intelligent comments and feedback.

Actors Index is committed to making our service the best it can be.